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Infant/Pediatric Massage Classes

Coming Soon: Pre-natal Massage Therapy Classes

Infant/Pediatric Massage Classes (Includes 4 Classes): Learn how to give your baby/child a full-body massage using age appropriate techniques. Learn techniques to help with constipation, gas, teething, sleep & congestion. Learn exercises to promote healthy digestion and to facilitate brain development helping with learning, reading, and writing, even from a young age. Discussion of topics: benefits of massage & movement, communication, permission, & oils. Cost includes a series of 4 classes (50-60 min. each). Class includes massage games & stories.

What you will learn:

  • Class 1: Oils for Massage, Asking permission, Massage Techniques for Legs, Feet, & Tummy, Massage for Constipation & Gas, Movement for Digestion
  • Class 2: Benefits of Massage, Contraindications & Precautions for Massage, Massage Techniques for Chest, Arms, & Hands, Arm Movement, Song & Story
  • Class 3: Communication/Cues, Massage Techniques for Face & Back, Massage for Congestions, Headaches, & Teething, Benefits of Cross-Movement, Cross-Movement Exercise, Song
  • Class 4: Simple Sequence, Massage for Sleep, Bonding, Growing Pains, Stress & Tension, Massage Song & Story

*Some variations depending on age of child

4 - 50-60 min classes $150

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Infant Massage Certified

Infant Massage Certified